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Compression Testing Machine..
Electric Operated Welded Type single Gauge 220-240V, 50hz, 1Ph

Strength of Concrete is a very important aspect during construction. Strength of concrete is obtained by crushing the specimen in from of cubes or cylinders. Engineers carefully design concrete for a particular compressive strength and specimen is tested by applying load in a compression Testing Machine. Where carrying frequently the specimens for testing in a standard laboratory is inconvenient and uneconomical.

With special attachments, the machines can also be used for bricks. Hallow or solid concrete blocks, using appropriate capacity machine.  In general a Compression Testing Machine consists of Load Frame with suitable platens and a Pumping Unit with Pressure gauge, either had operated or electrically cum hand operated. Load frame and Pumping unit are connected by pressure pipes. 

Technical Details:

Capacity: 300 Tonne     
Maximum Clearance between Platen: 400mm
Maximum Distance between Side Platen: 400mm
Piston Size: 263mm dia
Platen Size: 310mm dia
Piston Stock: 50mm
Specimen Size: 150-350mm Cube
              300mm dia x 300mm Height Cylinder

  • Masta Gauge 8” DIA
  • Pumping Unit
  • Conneting Pipe
  • Platen