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Hplc System
With variable Wave Detector & necessary accessories, Consisting of :

Isocratic Pump
Flow: 0. 01-10mL/min / 0.001-9.999
Max. Pressure: 40MPa
  • Dual Piston designed with main and auxiliary pump heads connected in series
  • Intuitive operating using simple keypad allows easy chose functions as follow :
  • Flow rate
  • Maximal flow rate – PURGE (for priming and washing)
  • Low pressure
  • High pressure limit
  • Pulsation compensation on-off
  • Pressure unit (PSI, Mpa or bar)
  • Control mode (by keypadm RS 232 or using voltage)
  • Display brightness
  • Possibility to use this pump by high pressure gradient mode, where are two three or four unit controlled from PC using RS232 or voltage.
UV-VIS Variable Wave Detector
  • Detector Wavelength Range : 190-600 nm  (Optional : 600-800nm)
  • Noise Level : +/-0.3 x 10-5 AU
  • It may be used for analytical chromatography as well as preparative Chromatography
  • Reference and sample signals available for detector diagnostics as well as information on lamp operating hours.
  • Out put signal is both digital and analogue
  • It is possible to control the unit using the keypad or an RS232 interface
  • D2 lamp in a special socket that enables easy changing.
  • Wavelength can be programmatically changed
  • Automatic Wavelength Calibration
Manual Injector with Automatic Start

21 CFR/FDA compliant Chromatography Station for 32-bit windows
  • Chromatography software for data acquisition and data processing
SW Package:
SW on a CD, HW key (dongle), cables, manuals, A/D converter (optional)

A/D converters :
Proprietary only – internal PCI, external USB, TCP/IP

Operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, any localization, MS Vista 32bit (Compatibility table – refer to datasheet D016)

PC Requirements :
Refer to datasheet D016 – Compatibility Table for further information.

Number of connected instruments:
Up to 4 chromatography/ Instruments (= up to 4 time basis) at a time each up to 12 signals/ channels

Data acquisition :
Any detector with voltage output: up to 10m distance using USB and PCI converters or through Ethernet using the Net – PDA for data acquisition
from distant places

Digital acquisition : for selected chromatographs, e.g. Agilent, Knauer, etc. (Refer to datasheet D004 – The list of controlled instruments).

Measuring ranges:
Bipolar: 156, 1250, 10000mV,
Integration frequency: up to 400 Hz, 24-bit resolution
GLP / 21 CFR Part 11 requirements:
Password protection / expiration, Electronic signature, Audit Trails, User Accounts with access rights, raw data and history of modification stored in
chromatogram, Validation
Co-operation with auto samplers:
The software cooperates with all auto samplers in active or passive mode by synchronization on TTL signal level. Direct control of selected auto samplers is available (refer to The list of controlled instruments,
code D004)

27-integration parameter, such as Peak Width, Threshold, Tangent Slope Ratio, etc. Integration parameters are programmable in time, automatic reintegration
Calculation types :
Both without and with calibration (internal and external standard methods), parameters of individual peaks for assessing both the efficiency of the column and the chromatographic system as a whole, SST module for establishing deviations and  reproducibility of selected parameters

Calibrations :
6 types of calibration curves, up 20 levels, Reference Peaks, Groups, unlimited number of standards (peaks), LOD, LOQ

Work with chromatograms:
Overlay of unlimited number of chromatograms, mathematical operations with chromatograms, custom labels and setting for chromatograms


Sequences, Post Run – automatic launching of selected commands and applications immediately after the chromatogram acquisition, Batch processing, command line parameters

Presentation of results:
Result and Summary Tables, both integrated and customizable, columns with user-defined calculation, export in text or database format

Custom : 12 predefined mathematical operators, 15 basic and summary functions Special : Kovats indexes, noise / drift determination

Reports :
Custom protocol Layouts, Print Preview, Print to PDF file, E-mail report

Data export :

Data import:

Multi-user environment :
Selectable system of user accounts with independently customizable behavior and appearance for individual users

Network environment:
Easy off – line (At the file level) data sharing among all stations in a local network

Control modules :
Refer to datasheet D004 – The list of controlled instruments

GPC, PDA, CE, EA, Installation qualification (IQ) Test, Validation Kit, SST module, LIMS Interface

Separate Solutions:
Clarity Lite, Clarity Offline – refer to datasheet D007 for feature comparison OEM version upon request

Support, Warranty:
Automatic update from Web, free software updates, free access to online knowledge database, on – line technical support, 3 years hardware warranty
Column C18, 250mm x 4.6mm x 5um

a) External sample loop 20ul SS : 1
b) SS Mobile Phase Filter 2um, 1/8” : 1
C) accessories like tubing, nuts, ferrules, fittings etc. : 1 set