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Aluminium Alloy Milk Can 20 Ltrs with Mushroom Lid
Aluminium Alloy Milk Can With Mushroom Lid Capacity 20 Ltrs One Place Hygienic Construction, No Spillage, Easy Draining, Built In Durability, Corrosion Proof, Sturdy Handles, Precision Engineered and Maintained Quality Hardening:- 86 To 110 as per ISI


Anodizing:- 12 Microns Min; Weight : 4 Kg ; Body : Single piece steam-lined construction formed by deep drawing/spinning Handle : Made of extruded aluminium alloy bar, designed to give good grip of the can.; Bottom Band : These will be made from extruded section of aluminium alloy, rolled and brazed/welded Shrunk fit with proper locking arrangement. Flushed with bottom permitting draining of water from bottom. Material: Can body and can lid will be made from sheets or aluminium alloy conforming to IS designation 64430 (HS 30) of IS:737-1974 and handles and bottom band of IS:733-1975 with latest amendment if any.;Heat Treatment and Anodizing: It will be solution heat treated and age hardened for maximum strength and durability. Finish: All welded or brazed joints will be finished smooth to provide a sanitary.