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Centrifuges 8 Test
Small Centrifuge for Butyrometer with acid resistance coating, plexi glass cover, special motor, rapid braking, angle head with 0-5 minute timer, can easily placed on laboratory table.

Feature :
  • Table top model
  • Suitable for 8Gerber test
  • See through cover
  • International design for safety
  • Enclosed Body
  • Silent running with break switch
  • Time 0-5min
  • Safe, Smooth, Silent, Efficient, & Easy to operate.
  • 8 Test with 4×50ml Centrifugal tube

Specification :

Acc. : 350g+/- 50g
Speed: 1350 R.P.M.
Eff. Radius: 170mm
Connection:  230V/50 Hx, 500VA
Weight: Net : 10kg. 900gm
Diminution: 380×380×240mm