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Automatic Tablet Hardness Tester

The SSE-DIGITAB-1 Hardness tester is a horizontal loading mechanical strength testing machine. The Instrument is equipped with Microcontroller based circuitry, specially designed to measure HARDNESS, DIAMETER AND THICKNESS of the tablets sequentially. The unit can be interfaced to an external Electronic Balance through the RS232 interface to record the weight of the Tablet under test. Test Results and statistical data can be printed on an externally connected 80 column dot matrix printer.

This easy to use SSE-DIGITAB-1 Instrument is having advanced features, makes it suitable and versatile for wide range of applications. The Instrument is provided with different level password protection.

  • High resolution, LCD display panel.
  • User friendly programming thru local tactile keyboard and external PS2 (computer) keyboard.
  • Automatic sizing (Diameter) of new batches of tablets.
  • RS232 connectivity for electronic balance interface
  • Statistical analysis including Mean and standard deviation.
  • Selectable Units: kg, kp, N(Newton) or Strong Cobb
  • User selectable shape of the tablet
  • Easy calibration and validation mode for diameter and Thickness and weight.
  • 99 test methods
  • Memory to store more than 50 test reports
Technical Specifications:

Measuring principle:
Electronic Load Cell with Solid State Strain Gauges.
Tablet Width : 0-25 mm
Tablet thickness: 0-10mm.
Measuring Range: 1N- 300 N.
Measuring Accuracy: Better than 1 N.
Measuring Units: Kp, Kg, N, Lb, Sc.
Diameter: 45 mm.
Max no of samples/batch: 25 tablets.
Printer: 80 Column DOT Matrix Printers.
Unit Weight: 25 kg.
Instrument Housing: M.S. fabricated with Epoxy Powder coated.
Calibration Weights: Dead Weights in kg.
Input Power: 230 V AC, 50 Hz.