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Automatic Tablet Hardness Tester

The Hardness tester is a compact vertical loading mechanical strength testing machine, for the tablets. The Instrument is equipped with Microcontroller based circuitry, specially designed to measure hardness of the tablets sequentially.

The tablet which is to be tested is placed in the area between two jaws, Upper Plunger & Lower Table. The lower base is fixed and attached to load cell. In the first step, `Tablet Hold’ vertical mechanical plunger moves down and tablet is hold between the plunger and lower base. In the next step, `Start to Test’, vertical plunger moves down and crushes the Tablet between the two jaws. The Tablet gets fractured and fracture load (hardness) is displayed on the two line informative LCD display. After the test, plunger returns to the preset position and waits for the next test tablet. The broken pieces of tablets are collected in a tray situated beneath the unit.

Technical Specifications:

Display: 16 x 2 line alphanumeric display.
Keypad: Tactile Keypad.
Testing Parameters: Hardness 200 gm to 25 kg.
Measuring Units: Kp, Kg, N, Lb, Sc.
Hardness: Better than 500 gms.
Calibration: Test weight range – user selectable (5kg/10 kg Std.)
Validation :Done through certified weights (NOT provided as accessory)
Interface: RS232 serial port, at 9600 baud rate.
Housing: MS, Table top enclosure.