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Automatic Karl Fischer Titration Apparatus
The instrument is designed to carry out Karl Fischer Titration automatically for accurate determination of moisture in various samples. The equipment consists of a fully Solid State Circuit with incorporation of advanced highly sensitive IC's, a built-in magnetic stirrer with regulator and allied components.

For operation, the titration is started just by pressing the `START' push button. The KF Reagent is then automatically added from the burette through a solenoid valve resetting the built in electronic timer with each addition. When the `End Point' is reached, the titration is stopped automatically and the Red lamp is `ON'. The built-in timer selects only the correct `End Points' rejecting all the in between false indications. The timer can be adjusted in range 0 to 180 seconds, whenever required.

The automatic operation of the titrator completely eliminates human errors and incorporation of highly sensitive IC's ensures perfectly reproducible accurate results. The equipment works on 230 Volts 50 Hz, mains supply and has its own built-in stabilizer to overcome mains voltage fluctuations. The equipment is supplied as under:

  • Main unit solenoid valve assembly.
  • One automatic burette 25 X 0.1 ml, with moisture traps and reservoir 500 ml.
  • One pair of platinum sensors.
  • One moisture tight beaker assembly with clamp.
  • One Teflon coated magnetic stirring rotor.
  • A special beaker assembly can be supplied on request for Karl Fischer Titration for estimation of very low moisture contents such as in Transformer Oils, Insulating Oils etc.