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Karl Fischer Titration Apparatus
The instrument is designed for accurate estimation of moisture from various solid, liquid and gas samples by using KF Reagent. It is most suitable for Quality Control Oil Testing and Research Laboratories of Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Electrical Industries. The equipment is assembled in a mild steel cabinet, which is painted with special chemical resistant Epoxy Paints. It incorporates a built-in magnetic stirrer with electronic regulator and switch.

The Solid State Electronic Circuitry incorporating some latest types of IC's ensures trouble-free operations and guaranteed reproducible results. A special feature of this instrument is that it is equipped with a highly sensitive automatic illuminated display indicator marked as `Excess K/F & Excess H2O', for clear indications of the `End Point'. The instrument works on 230 Volts, 50 Hz AC mains supply.

One Automatic Burette 25 X 0.1 ml, with moisture traps and reservoir 500 ml. One pair of Platinum Sensors. One moisture tight beaker assembly with clamps. One Teflon Coated Magnetic Stirring Rotor. A special moisture tight beaker assembly can be supplied on request for Karl Fischer Titration for estimation of very low moisture contents such as in Transformer Oils, Insulating Oils etc.