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Digital Automatic Karl Fischer Titration Apparatus (Coulometric)
The instrument works on Coulometric Principle. Water is titrated by electrolytic generation of KF Reagent within the reaction vessel. It is equipped with a generator which generates the KF Reagent in the titration cell itself to react with the moisture present in the sample. The main unit of the equipment consists of a built-in magnetic stirrer, necessary controls and a microprocessor based circuitry of advanced type with feather touch membrane key pad.

The result displayed indicates the exact moisture in the sample alone, eliminating the effects due to Ambient Humidity, Parastic Reactions, Inherent `Drift' of the circuitry etc. The `End-Point' of the titration is indicated by a note of an audio alarm.


Readability: 0.001 mg. (1 Microgram)
Accuracy: 0.01 mg.
Range: 0.000 to 9.999 mg.
Key Pad: 24 function keys allow entering sample weight and density, extraction delay, solvent blank etc, selects Milligram or PPM or Percentage of moisture.

Suitable for Transformer/Insulating Oil, Aviation Fuel and Petrochemical Industries etc, where very minute traces of moisture are required to be estimated.

This instruments is supplied complete with Main Unit, Amber Coloured Titration Vessel, Teflon Lid fitted with Generator, Dual Platinum Sensor, Magnetic Stirring Rotor, suitable Syringes, Jar of Sealant and Manual of Operating Instructions. The unit can be supplied with an 80 column printer.