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Elisa Plate Washer
The Unit is having 8 ways manifold with specially designed Peristaltic Pump through microcontroller for dispensing & Aspiration with inbuilt Elisa incubator temp. Range 37°C± 1°C, Input Power 1-Ø AC 230 V,50 Hz.

  • Powerful user friendly user friendly software guides the user with appropriate prompts.
  • Specially designed Manifold assembly to prevent any scratching on well bottoms.
  • User programmable soak time was cycles and dispensing volume.
  • 50 Protocol can be programmed.
  • Waste bottle full, the washer will Washer will be switched off automatically.

  • Manifold: 8 Ways Manifold.
  • Dispensing Method: Especially Designed Peristaltic Pump Programmable through microcontroller while dispensing hence prevents overflow.
  • Rinse Bottle: One
  • Waste Bottle: One with audible Alarm
  • Wash Bottle: One
  • Keys: 9 Key Membrane Keypad
  • Display: 4 line backlit LCD Display.
  • Memory Capacity: 50 User Programs can be stored (25 Programs in each mode i.e. PL & SP)
  • Inbuilt Elisa Incubator: For two Elisa Plates. Temp Range 37°C ± 1°C
Washing mode: Each Row will be dispense, soak and
(1) SP Mode     Aspirate as per the programme set.
  • No. of Rows can be select 1-12 Nos.
  • Dispensing Volume can be set from 50-600µl in step of 50µl
  • Soaking Time can be set 0-999 Secs.
  • Aspiration time can be set 0-30 secs.
  • Nos. of Wash can be set up to 10.

(2) PL Mode:
All the rows will be first dispense, then after the soaking each rows will be aspirate. The soaking time can be set Max. 999 secs.

Other Modes: Priming
  • Rinsing
  • Operating Voltage: 230±10% V AC, 50Hz.
  • Temperature: +10°C to 35°C
  • Relative Humidity: Up to 85%
  • Size: 30cm x 44 cm x 20 cm.
  • Weight: 10 Kg. (approx)