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Programmable Microprocessor Based Melting Point Apparatus
This apparatus is designed to determine the melting points of solids or boiling point of liquids, with high accuracy. It is supplied with a Silicon Oil bath with heater for heating the bath. It incorporates a microprocessor based circuitry and keys to set the desired program for heating the bath. On pressing the `START' button, the instrument automatically executes the total program. The temp. of bath rises fast in the beginning and is automatically controlled in suitable steps and adjusts the final rate of heating at 1oC/Min, towards the melting point. The sample is filled in capillaries and is suspended in the Silicon Bath through its Teflon cover. The temp. of bath is maintained uniform by a magnetic stirrer. The physical changes and melting of sample in the capillaries can be clearly observed on the background of `glare free' illuminator. A special feature of this model is that the `Range of Melting' of samples can also be determined accurately if required.