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Programmable Microprocessor Based Melting Point Apparatus (Colour Monitor With Colour Digital Camera

The instrument is designed to determine the Melting Point of solids or Boiling Points of liquids, with high accuracy .The apparatus incorporates the latest type of MICROPROCESSOR BASED circuitry and is very simple to operate.

The apparatus consists of a cylindrical Silicon Oil bath with heater. A sample is filled in a capillary and suspended through the Teflon cover of the Silicon Oil bath. Similarly a Boiling Point tube with sample liquid can also be suspended through the Teflon cover to determine Boiling Point of a liquid sample. Temperature of the bath is maintained uniform with built –in magnetic stirrer. The unit is equipped with colour video camera, which magnifies the image of the capillary with sample, so that minute physical changes can be observed on the colour monitor with ease.
The apparatus is equipped with four lines alphanumeric informative LCD Screen which indicates PRODUCT NAME, BATCH No. SET TEMP.ACTUAL TEMP.START OF MELTING POINT etc…The self-explanatory feather touch keyboard enables to set the desired program for heating the Silicon Oil bath.

The unit is provided with socket to accept universal centronics parallel printer interface. Any 80 column dot matrix printer is connected will print the header, product name ,batch no. ,date and time of the test ,and rise in temp./min towards last 10 C. It also prints START OF MELTING POINT.
An audio signal draws the attention of the operator for close observation of the Melting Point towards the final reading. The Melting Point can be clearly observed on the monitor. If through oversight one fails to stop heating, after reaching Melting Point, it stops automatically with TEST OVER message, when the temperature reaches 10 C, above the set temperature of the program.