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Programmable Digital Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus
Microprocessor Based unit equipped with common single Stepper Motor for both tests, With Basket parking facility and built-in validation facility, Printer Socket.


  • Instrument is equipped with single stepper motor.
  • Five programmable Tests are provided to Store DT time and Temperature.
  • Digital indicator for temperature with optically isolated electronic heater driver with water bath.
  • The Instrument is also equipped with double channels Temperature system to ensure precise temperature control of the Tank and Beakers.
  • Illuminator for clear observations Of Disintegration process has been provided.
  • Soft membrane keypad and splash proof panel.
  • A four line informative LCD display is provided to observe temperature and set time at a glance.
  • Facility provided to prevent over shooting of temperature.
  • Centronics Printer interface has been provided for recording parameters like Temperature, Batch No, Product ID etc.
  • Facility for self-validation of RPM is incorporated.
  • Automatic Parking of both Baskets after the Test is over.
  • DT-TIME for Tablets from individual Tube Of Right and Left Basket can be monitored.
  • The equipment meets all international standards with respect to Calibration, Validation and IQ, OQ requirements.

Number of Strokes    : 30 Strokes/min.
Temperature Range    : 30.0 C to 40.0 C
Display     : Four line illuminated LCD display.
Dual Timer    : Settable from 1 min to 99 min.