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Junkers Gas Calorimeter (Digital Model)
  • Engineering College
  • Thermal power house
  • Coke Oven batteries.
  • Gas Companies
  • Petroleum Industries
  • Cement Industries.
This gas calorimeter is of non – recording and flow type and is used for the determination of the calorific value (heat value) of combustible gases. This design is based on the widely practiced Junkers principle of burning a known amount of gas and transferring the resultant heat to a continuously following stream of water and measuring the volume of the gas. Amount of following water and raise in temperature and finally equating the heat gained by the following water to the heat to the heat input of the burnt gas.

The Calorimeter is non-Recording and flow type in which calorific value is as curtained from the rise of temperature imparted to a measured quantity to gas.

Range : 1000-26,000 Kcals/M

Equipments consist of calorimeter, pressure governor, Non Recording 1 Liter Gas Flow meter and is supplied with digital temperature controller with P.T. 100 sensor 2 Liters Jar, Rubber tube 4 mts, safety value, Burner set and complete Set.