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Digital Bomb Calorimeter
With safety device, bomb certified by rtc. (govt. Of india) & water jacket with puff insulation.

Model SSE -5

For Determination of Calorific Value of Liquids & Solids.
Digital bomb calorimeter provides simple and expensive method for determination of heat of combustion of organic matter and the calorific value & Sulphur content of solid & liquid fuel. The out fit supplied is complete for analysis as per the method recommended by British standard institution BS1016. All part of out fit have been finished & tested according to the specification laid down by institute of petroleum and British standard institution

Testing Of Bomb:

Each bomb is tested before it leaves the factory, in accordance with the requirement of the institute if petroleum (LT.12/63 T) and work certificate is issue with each bomb. This certificate gives the result of hydraulic testing under pressure of 300 atmospheres (4400 p.s.i.) maintained for a period of ten minute with out a sign of leakage. the maximum deformation must not exceed the specified limits combustion bomb certified by  national test house / regional testing center / any other  reputed institute can be supplied on extra charge

Calorimeter Vessels:

The vessels is made up of copper and chromium plated it include a bomb support that insure proper positioning of bomb in the vessels.

Water Jacket:

The outer container of jacket is made up of copper and is chromium plated both inside and outside or S.S the top is closed by a Bakelite cover. A terminal block is fitted on the top of the container so that connection can be made from the firing control.

Offset Stirrer:

The stirring mechanism supplied gives sufficient turbulence for effective stirring, while no heat is imparted to calorimeter water. It consist of an impeller driven by stirrer at a constant  speed the offset arrangement whereby the motor drives the impeller via belt preclude any possibility of heat transference between motor and calorimeter vessels contents.

Electronic Firing Unit With Digital ]
Bechkman Thermometer

The unit incorporates a digital thermometer for precise measurement of rise the temp. and an electronic circuitry that provide an electrical mean for firing the samples socket for stirrer & terminal for fuse wire also provide at the back side of the unit


Various type of crucible are available but the standard supplied with outfit being stainless steel crucible of 8 ml. capacity which fits in the standard support ring provide with the outfit.