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Walk In Cooling Chamber

Temperature Range : 2°C to 8°C

Accuracy : ± 0.5°C

Temperature Uniformity : ±1.0°C

  • Exterior made of Mild Steel and Interior made of Stainless Steel.
  • Exterior and Interior made of Stainless Steel(S).
Construction :

This unit has double walled insulated PUF modular panels, which can easily be assembled at site without any major hassles. Interior is made of Stainless Steel and Exterior is either made of Mild Steel finished with powder coating or Stainless Steel. The unit is provided with perforated Stainless Steel trays. The unit has double walled leak proof metal door with lock, with a provision of opening door from inside. Forced air circulation for uniform temperature.

 Intelligent Control System :

The controlling system having is PLC Base and PC communication on Ethernet

Senesor :

Temperature sensor PT-100 used for measurement. Temp. in degree Celsius with 0.1°C.

Cooling System :

Consist of hermitically sealed compressor coupled with evaporation coil and condenser, safe guarded by time delay circuit. CFC free refrigerant. The cooling system is made up of split type so as one can place the compressor coupled with condenser coil (Condenser unit) in well-ventilated area and avoid hot air throw in the stability room.

Alarms :

Audio and visual alarms are generated for temperature variation.

Safety :

The unit is provided with safety devices for temperature under shoot in case of malfunction.

The unit works on 230 Volts AC and 50Hz mains supply.