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Bio Safety Cabinet
The biological safety cabinet has class – IIB construction having 30% re-circulation air and fabricated with thick board sun mica laminated finish. The tabletop of the biological safety cabinet is perforated stainless steel. The biological safety cabinet unit has its own blower motor housing and hepa filters. The competence of hepa filter is greater than 99.97% down to .3 micron. Fluorescent and germicidal grade u.v. light for 5/15 amp is provided in the biological safety cabinet. There are sockets fitted for operation and the front door is made of clear acrylic. A manometer is given to check the health of filter. The unit is suitable for class ii conditions and the velocity of the average air supply is 100 fpm. The exhaust of the biological safety cabinet throws heap filter of 1’x1’x6”in size and can be connected to the virus burn out unit.

  • Working Area : 3'×2'×2' 4'×2'×2' 6'×2'×2'
  • Size of HEPA : 3'×2'×6" 4'×2'×6" 6'×2'×6"