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Binocular Microscope
Fine quality binocular head having 55-75 mm adjustment 360 degree Rotatable head.
Eye pieces WF 10x and H15x eyepieces (2 pair).
Achromatic par focal Objectives 4x, 10x, 45x (SL), 100x Oil imm. Rack & pinion focus system with safety stopper.
Fine focus by slow motion mechanism graduated 1 div. = 0.002mm.
Plain rectangular stage with attachable mechanical stage
Sub stage moveable condenser with iris diaphragm & filter holder.
Built-in light 6V-20W halogen bulb, solid-state variable control input 220/230 V AC.
Thermocol packing, one spare bulb, blue filter, 10ml. imm. oil, instruction manual, dust cover.