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Laboratory Pulverizer
  • Disc Pulverizier 7"
  • Feed Size:- 6 mm (Max.)
  • Discharge Size:- 72 mesh Below
  • Operation On:- 3 HP 3 ph
  • 1440 R.P.M. 440 Volts 50 Hz
  • Main AC supply with Starter.

Laboratory Pulverizer is a disc type grinder, designed to grind virtually any material to produce a fine mesh sample in one operation. lt is a self contained grinder, with a rotary disc, having a planetary movement in a vertical plane.

Grinding is done between two discs- one stationery and the other revolving eccentrically at high speed. The discs are made from heat treated alloy steel. With the help of a convenient hand wheel, the size of the final product can be adjusted. This can be done, even while the machine is in operation. A self locking device holds the hinged grinding chamber in place and affords easy and quick access to it, for removal of ground samples and for cleaning, The Pulverizer has a capacity of reducing about half of a kilogram of a quarts type sample to 72 mesh in about a minute. The Pulverizer is fitted with a 3 H P. motor, a 'V' belt pulley drive and mounting.

  • Please insert 40 No. Mobile oil before using the pulverizer Two cup covers are add with the Pulverizer.
  •  Oil level indicator is attached on the Gear box. Fill 90 No. ( c ) oil in it.
Don't use empty Pulverizer