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Muffle Furnace – 0 - 1500°C
The high temperature furnace will come with two units one is step down transformer and second is muffle furnace. The outer body will be of m. s steel standing on iron angle duly powder coated.  Silicon carbide rod will be used to attain the temperature as heating element. 60 ampere, single phase,   air cooled transformer will be used. Zirconium fiber will be used for the insulation of furnace. Modegappa high temperature board will be used for making the chamber of muffle furnace. Platinum 13% wire will be used as a sensor of muffle furnace. The operative temperature of muffle furnace is 1500 degree, working 1400°C.
With Digital Temperature Controller cum Indicator

Chamber Size (Inside) (W X H X D)
150 x 150 x 300mm