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Stormer Viscometer
Digital Stormer Viscometer AS PER IS : 101 (PART 1/SEC - 5) : 1989

Silent Features:
  • In Built Digital Tachometer to measure accurate rotational speed In R.P.M.
  • Audio & Visual Indication t 200 R.P.M.
  • Rapid and Accurate measurement of Viscosity in Krebs unit (KU) or Centi poise. (CP).

This method is useful in meaning consistency of paint and viscosity of resin solutions or liquids and best suited for measuring the consistency of collodial dispersion of Heterogeneous phases. The Mass required to product a rotational Frequency of 200 revolutions per minute for an offset paddle rotor immersed in a viscous medium is provided by stormer viscometer in Krebs unit( KU). This is a logarithmic function of load required to produce 220 R.P.M.

Description :

Stormer Viscometer has a large gear inside the top circular casing which drives the pinion shaft. Paddle Type Rotor is attached with the pinion shaft and is made to standard dimensions as defined by the I.S. below the paddle type rotor is a platform which can be raised or lowered. The sample being tested is place n this platform. The force needed to drive the pinion shaft to which the paddle is connected. Above the pinion is digital tachometer which is reads the rotational speed of paddle in R.P.M. and the same is displayed on the digital readout.