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Abbe Refractometer With Digital Temp. Indi
THE ABBE-REFRACTOMETER provides a rapid and convenient method of measuring the refractive index and dispersion of liquids and solids, besides its  obvious value as an indispensable tool for optical work it also offers a convenient  means of determining the concentration of many liquids or solids materials  in solution thus becoming a convenient basis for control in many chemical processes.

The refractive index of a substance is the ratio of the speed of light of a given wave length through it, as compared with the speed of light of the same wave length in vacuum. The refractive index of a given substance varies with the wave length of light by which it is measured. Refractive index for the D line of the Sodium spectrum (589 mu) is generally used as the standard of comparison. This is commonly expressed in scientific Literature as nd.

When the light passes from a medium of one refractive index to that of another at a flat boundary surface, the light is reflected or refracted depending upon  the angle at which it strikes and the relative indices of the media if the angle of  incidence can be varied ,it is found that beyond certain definite angle refraction no longer occurs, but a total reflection begins, this is so-called critical angle and its measurement forms the underlying principle of most refractometers, including the ABBE-REFRACTOMETER

ABBE-REFRACTOMETER is a very reliable and sturdy instrument for the accurate measurement of indices of refraction of transparent liquids, solutions and solids. It can also be used for measurement of dispersion and also for measurement of percentage in sugar solution. its scale is very finely marked on a translucent glass arc and is visible through a magnifier by transmitted light. It is mounted on a a bearing, driven by a control knob, giving a smooth movement free from backlash.

ABBE-REFRACTOMETER is supplied with a small glass test-piece contact Liquid, Dust cover, instruction manual and Beautiful wooden cabinet.

  • Range of Refractive index: 1.3000 to 1.7000
  • ACCURACY: 0.001 by direct reading on scale & ± 0.0001 by estimation.
  • SCALE: Translucent glass arc scale Minimum Div..001