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Ftir Spectrometer
New type cube-corner Michelson interferometer features smaller size and more compact structure, providing higher stability and less sensitive to vibrations and thermal variations than conventional Michelson interferometer.
Importer and Supplier of FTIR and FTIR spectrometer. Our product range also comprises of PCR thermal cycler and double beam UV-VIS spectrophotometer.

FTIR Spectrometer provided, used for Fourier transform infrared (FTIR).

Features: New type of cube corner Michelson interferometer includes a smaller size and more compact structure, providing more stable and less sensitive to vibrations and thermal changes than conventional Michelson interferometer.

Wet completely watertight and dustproof interferometer, the performance of adopting high, the sealing material long life and dryer ensures greater adaptability to the environment and increases accuracy and reliability in operation. Visible window for silica gel allows easy observation and replacement.

Far from great heat radiator and space chamber design provides greater thermal stability dissipation. Stable interference is obtained without the need for dynamic adjustment.

High intensity IR source adopts a reflex sphere to obtain even and stable IR radiation.

Stretch design suspend cooling fan ensures good mechanical stability.

Super wide sample compartment provides more flexibility to accommodate various accessories.

The application of programmable gain amplifier, high-precision A / D converter embedded computer and improves accuracy and reliability of the entire system.

The spectrometer is connected to the PC via a USB port for automatic control and data communication, perform fully plug-and-play.

Compatible with PC control easy to use, feature rich software allows easy, convenient and flexible operation. Spectrum collection, conversion of the spectrum, the spectrum processing, spectrum analysis, and the output spectrum function may be performed, etc.

Various special IR libraries are available for routine screening. Users can also add and maintain the libraries or creating new libraries themselves.

Accessories such as Defused reflection / mirror, ATR, Liquid cell, gas cell, and IR microscope etc can be mounted in the sample compartment