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Wrap Reel
Wrap Reel is offered in both motor and hand operated models. Metric and imperial models are available. The system is used for making the lea, used for yarn strength, count measurement and length measurement. The yarn is spread uniformly in a band of 20mm as the lea is formed. Up to 5 leas can be formed at one time. One of the arms of the reel can be docked to facilitate the removal of the leas from the reel. The number of turn is indicated on a counter. In case of motor operated wrap reel, a fractional horse power motor controlled by a pre-set digital counter is provided to give the movement to the reel. An electromagnetic brake is provided to stop the movement of the reel almost instantaneously to reduce the chances of over travel. The wrap reel is mounted over a fabricated thick steel sheet base plate. Bobbins of up to 100 mm diameter and 250 mm length can be mounted on the base plate. The yarn taken up from the bobbins is guided over a hook and is spread uniformly with the help of pig tail yarn guides. The guides move through a distance of 20 mm once very sixteen turns to give leas of 20 mm width. The standard wrap reel is suitable for making either imperial or metric leas composite wrap reel which can make either of the two types of leas with the help of an additional reel is also available. Reel of other swift perimeter can also be supplied against specific requirements.

Technical Specification:

IS 1671-1977: Method of determination of yarn strength perimeter of yarns spum on cotton system.