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Hardness Tester For Rubber
Shore: A (Durometer)
Hardness is one of the most important properties which determine the suitability of any rubber component for its intended end use. Incorrect hardness may defeat the basic purpose for which the component is designed. Thus accurate and reliable determination of hardness is of extreme importance in rubber field.

The Shore A Hardness Tester, also called as Durometer, is the most commonly used instrument for measurement of hardness of any rubber component. It is based on the measurement of depth of indentation of an indenter of specified shape being forced into the material under a specified pressure. This test method is an empirical method intended primarily for control purposes. No simple relationship exists between hardness determined by this test method and any fundamental property of the material being tested.

The Durometer essentially consists of the following components :
  • A pressure foot having a hole of 2.5 to 3.2 mm diameter, centered at least 6 mm from any edge of the foot.
  • An indentor made of hardened steel having a diameter between 1.15 and 1.40 mm, with a tip in shape of a truncated cone of 350 included angle and a flat surface of 0.79 mm diameter.
  • A dial on which the amount of extension of the point of indentor may be read
  • in terms of graduations ranging from zero for full extension of 2.46 to 2.54 mm to 100 for zero extension, obtained by placing the pressure foot and indenter in firm contact with a flat piece of glass.   
  • A calibrated spring for applying the specified force to the indentor.
The Shore A hardness tester being offered fully corresponds to the above specifications.

It is of Indian origin and is supplied in a wooden box. The scale is graduated from 0– 1000 Shore A and has a least count of 10 Shore – A, a calibration certificate issued by the manufacturer of the tester is also supplied with the tester at extra cost if required.

Model – GGR-30: Accuracy: + 10, (Shore – A, Shore – B, Shore – C, Shore – D.)
(Arrangement for applying Constant Pressure on Test Specimen)