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Dart Impact Tester
For Plastic Film (With Vacuum Pump)

The Dart Impact Tester Consists Of The

Following Parts:
  • 1. Specimen clamp – a two piece annular specified clam with facility to  vaccume clamping.
  • 2. Electromagnet for supporting and release the dart assembly.
  • 3. Height adjustment system means to provide the positioning of the dart at specified height.
  • 4. Cushioning And Shielding Device To Protect Personal And To Avoid Damaging The Impinging Surface Of Dart
The instruments is finished is metallic painting and bright chrome plating to give it a corrosion resistant finish.

Technical Data:

Opening Of The Annular Clamp: 127 Mm
Vaccume Pump: Portable High Speed Vaccume Pump
Dart: 38.1 Mm Hemispherical Shape Of Aluminum
Height Of Impact: 0 To 1550 Mm Adjustable
Weight: 100 Gm To 500 Gm Adjustable In The Step Of 5 Gm
Related Standard
IS: 2508 – 1984
ASTM D-1709