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Gsm Balance (Quadrant Type)
Analogue Model & Digital Model

The weight of paper/packaging is described in two ways; either as weight per unit area or weight per unit length. If we know weight per unit area, we can calculate weight per unit length by multiplying weight per unit area and width.

The Quadrant Scale for GSM is a simple and quick device which directly indicates the weight per unite area in grams per square meter (GSM) on a sector scale when a sample of selected size is suspended from a clamp fixed to the pointer arm.

The  GSM Balance is designed to give the weight per unit area of paper/packaging directly. It consists of a quadrant scale calibrated in values of GSM fixed in a vertical plane on a rigid base having provision for leveling. A pointer beam is pivoted on two jewel bearings at the centre point of the scale. A specimen of specified area is cut out from the paper/packaging with the help of either of the two templates provided (or by round cutter) and is suspended on one end of the pointer beam. The weight per unite area is read directly from the quadrant scale.

Range:   0 to 600 GSM (Analogue Model)