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Pendulum Impact Testing Machine: Mechanical Version
apacity 30 Kgm (300 Jules)

The machine strictly conforms to the relevant IS Standards  and is designed for conducting IZOD & CHARPY TESTS on metals and alloys. The machine is supplied complete with  strikers for conducting IZOD and CHARPY TESTS

The Impact energy is observed on a mechanical against a pointer, Least Count 0.2 Kgm.

Technical Date:

Charpy and Impact Tension Test     -  Izod Test

Pendulum Drop

Angle 1400  85021’
Effective Weight 20.59kg 21.79kg
Speed * 5.3465 m/sec 3.857m/sec
Impact Energy 30kgm (300J) 16.4Kgm (164J)
Min. Graduation 2J 2J
Distance of axis of hammer    
Rotation and centre of test    
piece/point of test    
piece hit by hammer 825mm 825mm

Max. Permissible loss by Friction: 0.5% of Max. Impact Energy

Charpy Test

Izod Test

Impact Tension Test

A) Striking Edge Angle 30º + 1º

Radius of Curvature 2.25mm

Width : 18mm

A)AStriking Edge

Angle      75º

Radius of Curvature


Horizontal Relief 10º

Vertical Relief 5º

A)Striking Edge

Distance Between Forks

36mm Radius of Curvature


B) Support

B) Support

B) Support

Distance between arm


For Gripping specimen


For Clamping specimen


Slopping Angle 0º

Relief Angle 10º

Dimension of

10 x 10mm

Dimensions of

Following dia 6.4mm

Radius of Curvature



Length (Total) 68mm

Length (Measuring)


Thread of Supporting

M 10 x 1.5