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Water Vapour Permeability
The Water Vapour Permeability Tester made of twelve brass bottles. It measures water vapour permeability of leather. The bottles have nut of circular opening. The bottles are mounted on the bottles holders which rotate at specified revolution per minute with the help of motor pulley & belts. The axis of the bottles is parallel to the axle of the bottles holders. A fan mounted in front of the mouths of the bottles and consisting of three blades in planes that is inclined at 120º to one another. The planes of the blades pass through the prolongation of the axle of the wheel. A pre set Digital timer is mounted for setting total no. of hours of instrument movement. All the components are chrome/ Zinc Plating & Painting for corrosion resistance long life.

Technical Specification:

  • IS: 5914- 1970: Methods of Physical Testing of Leather, LP : 21 – Water Vapour Permeability:
  • IUP/ 25: Official Method of International Union of Leather Chemists Societies 1961